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  1. VCES SCHEME KRISHAN GOPAL SHARMA Questioned On 15-12-2014

    A client is liable to pay service tax of Rs. 900,000 for the period from april 2012 to dec 2012 simultaneously he has paid service tax of Rs. 300,000 on input services during the same period. under the VCES scheme, cenvat credit of Rs. 300,000 will be allowed or not ?
    what is the amount of "TAX DUE" as defined under clause 95(e) of Chapter VI of VCES Scheme ?
    Is the TAX DUE Rs. 900,000 OR Rs. 600,000

    • Answer by the Expert Anmol Gupta Answered On 18-12-2014

      CENVAT Credit of Rs. 300,000 shall be allowed from 1st January, 2013 onwards as per Number 17 of table given in Circular No. 170/5 /2013 - ST.
      The "tax dues" has been defined under Section 105(e) not clause 95(e) and amount of the same shall be Rs. 900,000.


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